Racism in Russia | African expat about harassment, safety and Russian people

Joshua from Nigeria has lived in Russia for more than 10 years. Now he is a professor in one of the top universities of Russia. In this video he shares his journey and stories of expat life.

00:00 – meeting Joshua – expat from Nigeria
01:25 – how difficult it is to learn Russian?
04:24 – why move to Russia?
06:48 – business/work environment in Russia
09:01 – cheating culture in Russian schools
12:03 – being black in Russia
21:47 – Russia after 2018
25:45 – the use of the ‘N’ word in Russia
28:16 – Are Russians hospitable?
33:16 – the image of Russia abroad
36:49 – a quiz about Russia
42:22 – Russian songs

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  1. Thank you for watching this video! (Sorry in advance for some problems with sound, I only heard it after a long time after the interview but Joshua gave some really interesting and insightful answers, so I wanted to publish this video anyway)

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  2. In the early 2000s a gang of Neo-Nazi's set fire to a dormitory of the Peoples Friendship University which housed international students. I think it was 50 or so students were killed.

  3. Congratulations Eli for your initiative on choosing the topic. Now regarding the opinion of your guest commentator, I will let you know that his generalization that all the students in Africa are dishonest (cheaters) that was a total disrespect for the 55 africans countries specially considering how young he went to live in Russia plus the 14 years he has remained there out of the the only country he know – which is seems by his conversation – is just Nigeria. Generalizations like that are very biased and is sorry to see an african said that comment without any documental base. Coming to the real issue of cheating there is an ignore fact which is the memoristic tendency that prevail by the overuse of the traditional eurocentric medieval method of just memorizing instead of analyzing an appropriate introjection of the knowledge that trascend memorization by itself. The real key to trascend the temptation of cheating is organize teaching methods and practical situations that facilitate the learner the opportunity to judge and decide the use of the appropriate tool, formula or methodology to solve the problem that will lead him of her to prove herself or himself as a competent producer of the result the school wait from hin or her. It is imperative to go an unroot the incentive to cheating by unroot the predominantly tendency of compele the learner just to memorise and repeat. That is the real a challenge because that tendency should be defy and modify by the production of an educational experience meaningful & of real quality. On the other hand Russia today has 160 different ethnics-cultural groups in its territory, therefore a wise alternative to explore is that russian goverment together with different community based organization decide to go ahead with a wide base consult that start by assessing the feelings of those communities (internally) to comprehend the perceptions that they currently have in terms of historically traced social justice or injustice that may permeate their life experiences from a socio-historical point view. The product of such assessment will be always better than any ranking on racism elaborate by foreign organizations from which you will never be able to really know which hiden agenda might them be following. The base of this strategy laid on the following principle "… the child that live witnessing discrimination will learn how to discriminates …" and that goes both ways discriminating nationals (compatriots ) as well as foreigners. I based this contributions with experiences in 11 african countries and 39 years in teaching.

  4. I so recognize the ты/вы difference issue! I would never ever say the Dutch version of ты to my parents, or to someone older than I am, or a teacher or police officer, etc, etc. Just like the professor. I always use the Dutch version of вы. Also, just like in Russia, in the Netherlands it is a generation thing. A large percentage of younger people in the Netherlands do not use вы anymore. Everyone is ты to them. And I feel with the professor when he says that it is difficult to be asked to say ты when every fiber in your body opposes this. Hahaha.

    It's a bit of a shame that the sound of this video is not the best, because the conversation is very interesting, educational and entertaining.

  5. Sorry honey (I'm 65. Talking to you as a grandfather) your thoughts that 'no one cheats…in USA?' Do some research. Parents are thrown in jail for cheating to get their kids in college. Look into Hollywood cases??? Small example.

  6. I find a lot of Russian people to be very cultured. Like for example I live in the canary islands and whenever I go to a Lebanese restaurant the Russian girls in the restaurant seem more familiar with the food than anyone else

  7. Dear Eli, thanks for an Informative and Educative content. Joshua is a positive example of one who makes good use of the opportunities to better his life and that of his community. Most powerful, good and conscious African leaders studied / trained in Russia as Russian had historically opened her door – case in point most ANC (African National Congress) foundation leaders from South Africa studied and lived in Russia. I am grateful to every Nations, persons for their concerted efforts to make the world a better place. 
    Respect and Kudos to you Eli. Keep safe, and abundant blessings.

  8. Much love from PuertoRico 🇵🇷. I met many Russians on the Island & stateside. Great ppl! Russian "jokes" are hysterical. Great channel

  9. When you make notes for cheating an exam you are also learning. You need the understanding of whole concept to be able to cheat good enough. You need to be smart enough to discern key elements needed. Knowing this, professors also evaluate exams in different ways. It would be suspicious if you know one part of the subject excellent, but miss to answer a simple question in the same field. Stupid people can`t cheat. The process of preparing for cheating requires great managerial skills and sharp-wittedness to be successful. Those who cheat often can better grasp the wider concept and not lose themselves in the details, still the details fill up the gaps later in practise.

  10. This is what I'm saying, I've been living in Russia for the last 3 years they don't even know they have a great country because they take it for granted, only Russians that have been abroad notice that, pity.

  11. Joshua is a bit uninformed here. Africa is a continent, not a country! Stop generalising over an entire continent Joshua!
    The black Americans who call themselves nigger are more the gang types and they also use it most of the times, in disparaging manner to one another. Normal black Americans don't call each other niggers for fun.
    Also, it's the poor, often low income people who treat foreigners like "little gods" in a place like Lagos. Middle class, educated people don't. They go to same schools with their kids, mingle in same social sphere and understand the cultures from other countries because they also travel.

  12. It is such a shame that the media here in the USA pumps out anti Russian propaganda all the time.
    Most Americans have no idea about the 90's and what western economists did to the Russian people.

  13. I grew up in Westchester County N.Y. USA, a very wealthy region.
    There was a lot of cheating in high school. A lot of those cheaters went on to prestigious university's.
    "The best and brightest"

  14. “There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically.”

  15. Haha, students in the United States cheat on tests all the time. Eli, it's possible the students you attended school with found other ways to cheat through years of experience. Ways that are less detected by those not familiar with the cheating ways. Or they grouped up before to form a plan. Extremely commonplace at all universities and colleges.

    But I agree with Joshua, cheating is global. Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, etc.

    Great interview!!!

  16. I'm currently living in Russia and I testify to what Joshua said it's very true Russians are great people they love you when you don't give a darm just be a hard working type and you will earn there world I love this interview God bless Russia God bless Nigeria ❤️

  17. This awesome brother Joshua thanks for putting Africa on the map I love this interview and admired your simplicity while answering the question, may heavenly father continue to bless and you and yours ❣️

  18. Jesus , don't make your channel a progressive one where White tribalism is always but otherwise not . I don't hate blacks , but if whites want their country for their own why is it bad?

  19. Russia cannot be racist.. Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin's mother Nadezhda Osipovna Hannibal's great-grandfather was Abraham Petrovich Hannibal of Ethiopia. Abraham Petrovich Hannibal was the godson of Russian Tsar Peter I and a distinguished officer in the Tsarist army..

  20. With Putin I don’t think you are safe as a foreigner. If I would go to Russia it would be to the St. Petersburg area. More people with haplogoup i1 DNA that you blend in as Scandinavian with blond hair and blue eyes. Doubt that attacks om foreigners by pro Putin elements are being sentenced according to Russian law.

  21. People cheat in the u.s. too. Was born and raised here lol. Very nice perspectives overall. And loved the singing at the end. Thank you

  22. Nationalism in Russia has always been marginal. Previously, all foreigners with an unusual appearance fell under the hot hand of nationalists. But in Russia today there really is a national problem. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, young people from the former republics came in large numbers to the large cities of Russia on a kind of safari. The problem is that they did not grow up in Soviet times, do not speak or speak Russian poorly, live in communities according to their Islamic order, and are often poorly educated. Of course, what can be the claims to foreigners who came to study, they behave more than modestly.

  23. Thank you for making this video Eli. Very insightful. While Joshua has experienced limited racism in Russia, he can’t speak for all black people, no single ethnicity is a monolith, and all human experiences vary. Your South African friend’s experience should not be disregarded.
    Joshua is clearly a very pragmatic and optimistic individual but we can’t discount the data collected (on racism) with his anecdotal experiences/views. Thanks again for this production

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