Parker Stinson – 5 mile tempo, 4 x 200m (Boston Marathon Taper Workout)

Parker Stinson is ready to hit the roads of Boston! With 6 days to go until the Boston Marathon, Parker hits one if his final workouts at pace – 5 miles at tempo, 800m jog, 4 x 200m fast with 200m jog recovery.

Morgan Pearson joins Parker for the tempo as he gets back into the training after the Olympic Triathlon.

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44 bình luận cho “Parker Stinson – 5 mile tempo, 4 x 200m (Boston Marathon Taper Workout)

  1. Genuinely have to be careful about when I watch the Sweat Elite vids, they get me way too hyped and wanna smash a workout every day! Great job all

  2. Wasn’t paying attention, but whoever he started with should be his accountability buddy. “Don’t be that guy looking at your watch”.

  3. When this guy hangs up his shoes competitively he HAS to go into commentary. Super loquacious and eloquent. I’ll be cheering him on in Boston for sure!

  4. I loved Parker when they did the Endure series. Perfect running and the guy can't stop talking 😄 All the best to him for the coming race. Thanks for sharing this content!

  5. I am definitely not by any means a great runner. I’m very new to the sport. Hearing athletes like him say that running is hard, or running is pain management is very humbling. Definitely am going to tune into the Boston just to see him compete! Fingers crossed that I can work to this level before I hit 30.

  6. Love watching his form and listening to his feet power through the ground. His legs are so strong and bouncy from all those triple digit weeks. I can watch this all day.

  7. love watching parker stinson and all the Sweat Elite videos lately, really motivating my running right now – looking forward to watching Boston good luck dude

  8. No better way to get through core work than by watching Parker crush some miles. I can't wait for Boston!

    P.S. Thanks Matt and Sweat Elite for your hard work over these past few months following these runners training for their fall marathons.

    P.P.S. to show your appreciation to Sweat Elite like, subscribe, and share (:

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