46 bình luận cho “my verbally abusive alcoholic sugar daddy…

  1. Fascinating. You look like a beautiful woman. Soon, you and your fans will forget the biological male you once were. And hello Lilah. A beautiful buxom female. Young and probably vacant for many willing men, or women, or both. This is your epic journey, to womanhood now complete. Now you can live your life. A smoking hot babe.

  2. Girl you are such a blessing 😭❤️ you’re literally able to just bust out a camera and have a Kiki with the girls and I fucking love that!!!

  3. Just cause someone paying you doesn’t mean they can have the right to be rude to you and your friend. That’s some fat wallet, little Dick energy 😂 hahaha #Facts get that money girl. ‘Shut up, Cash App Me or Call the Burban! ohhh snap We’ve missed you on YT ❤️

  4. The sugar baby/escort life is not as glamorous as it seems. You have to put up with a lot of abuse and humiliation and it can really mess with your self esteem. I know first hand.

  5. i love u lilah, but do urself (& ur audience) a huge favor & please just talk normally. u talking like this, its borderline too annoying to even watch. ive seen u speak normally before.. when u talk normal ur SO much prettier & passable…& u come off way more sincere/genuine..but by the way u drag out the end of all ur words like this & try way too hard to sound like a dumbass valley girl, u just end up sounding like a flaming gay dude. when u just talk normal, u sound like a cis girl, that just has a deeper type of voice. u sound like an actual normal cis chick. wayy cuter & 1000x more passable when u talk like a regular girl. cis girls do not speak this way. only gay dudes & newbie t girls do.sorry if it sounds rude but thats my honest opinion.

  6. Literally could not give a fuck about editing, unedited Lilah is so much better! Just post more frequently like this please!! Obsessed with your story times xx

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