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GARRETT, 20, is LA’s most fantastic sugar baby with the expensive taste to match – he enjoys dining in the fanciest restaurants, loves luxury cars, adores designer fashion and spends $10K a month on his beauty regime. All of this is easy when it’s funded by someone else – Garrett told Truly he has “several sugar daddies who allow for this fabulous lifestyle”. This is a far cry from the small town in Indiana where he grew up. His conservative Christian family weren’t accepting of his sexuality, and Garrett had to conform to their rules when living at home. During the ages of 14-17 his parents would take him to gay conversion therapy and weekends were spent in church. Now living in LA, Garrett has established a strong group of like minded friends who support his lifestyle choices and have become like family. Tonight he has brought them all together as he celebrates his first year living in LA and a new lease of life.

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Videographer: Istvan Lettang
Producers: Joel Ross, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal
Series Producers: Jon Eastman, Charley Sutton

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45 bình luận cho “I'm LA's Most Plastic Fantastic Sugar Baby | BLING LIFE

  1. He's lying and doesn't make 25k a month. Ive known plenty of real sugar babies and all of them are constantly chasing the dollar because there is no stability. He was given those clothes and has no credit. It's quite sad because he will probably die young and with nobody who loves him.

  2. Politically correct: Oooh so nice. He looks like a ken barbie doll. We all should be lgbtq and blm and me too. So sweet to be different from others with many tattoos. Today I am a "he" and perhaps tomorrow a "she" or a banana?

    Politically incorrect: Seriously. The sadness of all is that It seems that the majority of the world population doesn't even realize or has awarnes that mental health issues such as this example with severe childhood issues triggering his histrionic personality disorder is currently out of proportion in most places in the world.

  3. So this is the goal for lazy folks. Wow must be nice to find old perverts to take care of you. This guy's not very attractive, but he found his niche.

  4. He looks like an ordinary guy with filler 😂
    Also I don’t care how he lives, I wanna know what he does with these creepy men and where he meets them 😂😂

  5. I wish he wouldn't DYE his PUGS but otherwise they don't seem to hate him.. I have two pugs and this video concerns me. I hope he takes care of those dogs.

  6. Selling yourself to someone that can use you sexually in all ways is not an option but a choice, he chooses this life we have to respect it but in my opinion one day he will get old and find himself living with regret and maybe struggling with sexually transmitted diseases (because most of them would not use protection maybe who knows)

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