CNN Doc Goes Speechless as Joe Rogan Grills Him Over CNN's Lies | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report shares a clip of CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta making the mistake of appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan gives Gupta an absolutely relentless grilling concerning CNN’s lies about his using Ivermectin to treat COVID. Rogan points out that CNN intentionally misled their audiences by portraying Ivermectin as a horse dewormer despite it being used in humans as well. He refuses to back off, continually asking him how he feels that a news organization willfully lies to its audience. Dave also does a special “ask me anything” question-and-answer session on a wide-ranging host of topics, answering questions from the Rubin Report Locals community.


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39 bình luận cho “CNN Doc Goes Speechless as Joe Rogan Grills Him Over CNN's Lies | Direct Message | Rubin Report

  1. this drug rogan took was no big deal and the dr not owning up to this is a lier , as look at the olympic. teams what what drugs the get cause with , one being winstrol, that is a vet drug , but sure makes you run like a mother , these drs dont seem to know and think all are stupid , as I would not trust him as he is a snake , did cnn call out there athletes for taking vet drugs , no they did not , if they are vet drugs they have gone through more trials then the vaccine has .so he should keep his mouth shut especially when none of the drug companies will take any liability for the vaccine

  2. CNN should have never opined on Joe's experience with Covid, but they couldn't control their glee, and once again proved themselves to be inept and biased.

  3. The empty shelves are for only one reason: Truckers decided to boycott the shelves of the looted stores in order to stop the fiery summer of love's lunacy. Democrats are taking their revenge on that. They're proportionally inverted in every actions the other side of the donkeyphant do. If the right decided to fly up from a bridge with a jetpack, the left would jump off the same bridge just to make the opposite action.

  4. Dave!!! You’re missing the point!!! CNN is not a faceless organisation, it’s owned by someone – who is that? THAT is the person pushing the lies. Follow the money dude!!!! That would be a good story to run …

  5. we can't underestimate the laziness of Americans… there are still tons of people who only watch CNN and MSNBC because CNN and MSNBC say they are the only "safe" sources of news…

  6. A Bolivian Radical here…love your shows Dave!! THANK GOD YOU ARE HERE…People need you….US/BOLIVIAN PATRIOT…Waking Bolivians & Latinos here in US

  7. That is absolutely incorrect about politicians. They are 100% complicit in the purposeful destruction of our country and way of life. Pretending that they're just dumb is naive and dangerous.

  8. Will someone please tell me how YouTube is letting Rubin leave these up, when I personally know two people who have had videos removed that mention the words Ivormectin or hydroxycholorquine. Please?

  9. Chemicals are species neutral. Aspirin is aspirin, whether it's given to an animal or a person. Penicillin is penicillin, whether it's given to an animal or a person. Etc. A chemical make act one way in one species and another way in another species. That does not change the chemical. There is no such thing as a "human pill." Chemicals designated for human use simply mean they carry the imprimatur of the FDA. That's it! It's now more than a "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval." IVM prepared in a syringe to be given to equines is designed in an apple-flavored paste because equines like apples. It does not impact the chemical, IVM. Just know the correct dosage!!!!!

  10. I don't trust any "mainstream media" doctor after what has happened during this pandemic. N o t a s i n g l e o n e o f t h e m! Nobody!

  11. 6:20 re: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, should he be working at CNN? If it compromises his integrity, surely he shouldn't work there. I can't give him a pass on that. His job is dispensing information on health. That's not trivial.

  12. CNN, the FDA, and Fauci all refer to it as horse dewormer. The lying from these people, especially the FDA and Fauci, call into question everything they say about covid and the vaccines.

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