Charlotte Tilbury – Nudegasm Palette on Face & Eyes!

Thank you so much for tuning into today’s video – Charlotte Tilbury – Nudegasm Palette on Face & Eyes! Hope you enjoy Xoxo


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47 bình luận cho “Charlotte Tilbury – Nudegasm Palette on Face & Eyes!

  1. This worked beautifully on you. Not many people I’ve seen could use all 4 as that lighter sculpt seems to be too light. My skin is fair and feel like I could probably make all 4 work. Seeing it on you made me more comfortable. Gorgeous lady!!

  2. Hi 🙂

    Thank you for the video!
    Can you tell me if have a big difference between the bronzers in the palette and the AIRBRUSH BRONZER? I need a new bronzer and im confused hehe thanks <3

  3. Love your foundation. It looks natural on you. I feel like we're a match in terms of foundation shade but Cle de peau is a bit pricey for someone who doesn't use foundation much. But I want it. 🙂

  4. For some reason, I feel this palette would pair lovely with wg pear eyeshadow palette. Btw, really don’t get the whole -gasm naming system. There are so many pretty words in English language, and CT herself is English ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Such a beautiful palette and the shades all worked so well for you! Stunning look and I love that you could use it on your eyes as well. Truly a one and done palette ❤️

  6. I really like this palette! The super shiny cheek is not for me, so this is definitely wearable and doubles as eyeshadow. Great review!

  7. Glad I watched this, I am getting this to review. I honestly wouldn't have done that order as well. TBH, I know myself, I'll probably mix the pans.

  8. Michele Wang: Remind me of the fiber brow gel (not the Tom Ford) that you've mentioned a few times. Did the company name begin with an M?? Can't find it now and have forgotten which video it was in (or how long ago you released it). Hoping you can remember.

  9. Please do a video with the Cle de Peau Radiant Fluid Natural Foundation. You said your foundation was a bit light but you usually use O20 in Cle de Peau so wondering if this foundation is running lighter than others?

  10. I have the STRANGEST question: does YT randomly assign ads? Is anyone else constantly seeing the PMD kiss lip ad specifically for Michele’s videos? Directed at Michele or community! I’m just curious! ❤️

  11. Boo! So much mica and I’m allergic. I may have to give up on luxury beauty entirely. At least Chanel is still using traditional formulations. The CT palette is really pretty, though.

  12. The last couple of videos it has been noticeable that your face is looking thinner. Especially today before went into your demo of the CT palette. Keep up the good work.

  13. It looked better after you added the sculptor/ bronzer down your nose. I like the pallette except for the blinding highlighter down your nose. I could see your hesitance after you highlighted your cheekbones.
    In the end you looked great after you blended the colors

  14. Can’t wait for mine to come. Contour and bronzer are so hard for pale types like me. Love love love. Oh and the blush having kind of a copper tone is going to look fab on my hazel eyes. I have CTs pots of shadow and the copper one is beautiful so I know this will work for me. I’d never have thought of using it on the eyes too and I probably wouldn’t have braved the darker shade of bronzer had I not seen you do it so successfully! Thank you for showing me how to make the most of it Michele 😀

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