32 bình luận cho “BEAT Chick Wants Sugar Daddy! #shorts

  1. I'm 6ft5in and I make 6 figures. Gals like this are easy to play. You know what they are all about. Just don't raw dog them, child support is the modern woman's lottery. Pump and dump to your hearts content.


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  3. Dude Ribby, that's also the first thing I noticed, the teeth! Hahaha! Ol' bucko over here should just pull carriages instead and earn money the hard way!

  4. Bruh da thotism GDin game out here is wildn fr no cap lol stay safe RIP Norm MacDonald AJ Johnson n Willie Garson BLM God bless stop all dis hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  5. I think u missed the mark on this one… nothing wrong with teeth but a gap, nothing wrong with forehead and to young for the wall. The stupidity here is that she is young, should be looking for a long term relationship in her age group and yet she is wasting all this time with older men knowing full well it's just for play. She is dropping her value and will have nothing once the wall does come…

  6. Give up my sanity? My 400,000 dollar house? My escalade? My happiness? My downstairs gym for a craft room? My 3 car garage for another car? Risk My 6 figure income? NOPE


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