ARISTO SHAM – second round (18th Chopin Competition, Warsaw)

Sala Koncertowa Filharmonii Narodowej w Warszawie / Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall

XVIII Międzynarodowy Konkurs Pianistyczny im. Fryderyka Chopina
The 18th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition

ARISTO SHAM (Chiny, Hongkong / China, Hong Kong)

Barkarola Fis-dur op. 60 / Barcarolle in F sharp major, Op. 60 (0:35)
Scherzo b-moll op. 31 / Scherzo in B flat minor, Op. 31 (10:22)
Walc As-dur op. 42 / Waltz in A flat major, Op. 42 (20:50)
Andante spianato i Polonez Es-dur op. 22 / Andante spianato and Polonaise in E flat major, Op. 22 (24:56)


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36 bình luận cho “ARISTO SHAM – second round (18th Chopin Competition, Warsaw)

  1. Wonderful, beautiful, unique playing. Well done Aristo Sham; we're lucky to get to hear such imaginative and brilliant playing. Bravo 👏 👏 👏

  2. Such incredible sound, control, expressivity. I never heard anything like Aristo’s interpretation, it’s so special. I am so outraged he didn’t advance to 3rd stage, it’s a bummer, he played incredibly from the beginning

  3. I keep my fingers crossed for Aristo, pure magic. Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise Brillante, the bar was set pretty high.

  4. 何回聴いても素晴らしいです‼️聴けば聴くほど

  5. この方の音楽は私のような素人でも吸い込まれるような深いなんだか心温まるキューンとした、

  6. I hope he makes it to the next round. So much sincerity and aliveness in his playing… but also punctuated by sustained moments unevenness and insecurity.

    One of the best renditions of this waltz I have ever heard, though.

    I just wish this had been as impressive as his first round performance. It was awesome.

    I wish all the best for him.

  7. I think it's smart to major outside the music degree. He can make a good living at the same time continuing to give concerts. A lot of musicians have bad income and struggle financially.
    He looks nice and handsome as he is. Don't judge his fun socks. That's so petty. He has so much music to offer. We should accept him as it is. If he wears tennis shoes, that's a different story. He is a very gifted pianist already.

  8. Hardly ever heard such amazing Chopin….temperament and inner calm at the same time…impeccable piano playing as well..what more does one want..I would pay to go andlisten to him!!

  9. I like his rubato and variations of tone. I love his playing of Op. 60. Could anyone give a better performance of that piece of music?

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