45 bình luận cho “Age of Empires: Fan Preview

  1. Mates, If this game flops, say goodbye to Age of Mythology II. So pray and try to bring new players to AOE IV. And tell your AOE II lunatics buddies to stop boycotting AOE IV.

  2. Please remake max payne 1,2,3 or true crime 1,2 .. Def jam fight series, gta 3, vice city san andreas, the 50 cent bulletproof coop campaign something 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. you should definitely get more diversity and inclusion people on the team; At least 50% of your staff should be activists who have never heard of age of empires; it's only logical that they be equally represented

  4. resources stone-gold mining/wood gathering should be made infinity . only differences among resource tiles should be the efficiency of the mines / forest …20% gold 80% impurity …30% wood etc which could be modifiers for getting the resources wrt ingame time and number of gatherers/miners and update of mining equipment/industry

  5. They could already pass the minimum requirements settings to run the game in good quality, the fans are grateful! I'm already dying to play this piece of art!

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